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Bad day

Things are getting sad over here. The puppy whose legs aren't working, apparently does have Parvo. And I figured out why Amii isn't around. She died of Parvo. Now there are five dogs, including the one that's dying. Sigh... There's only a guarantee that Lass will make it, cuz she caught it before. if the other dogs catch it that is.

In even sadder news, mom needed the orange little plug adapter so she could work her crockpot and took it out of our wii, and then Sarah wanted to play the Wii, and guess where she plugged it in? In the box, without the transformer. Now the Wii's blown out for now, until Dad fixes the cord. Man... I had Metroid Prime in there when it got blown. Argh... well it's nobody's fault, things happen. I'm gonna try and play a fighting game to blow off some frustration... oh wait, the Wii's dead! T_T. Time to find a game to emulate...

Gotta go find some way to entertain myself.
Sayonara for now.

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  1. Oooh, I feel sorry for that poor puppy. And the wii. Sheesh, why must these things happen?!


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