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Back Home

So... we've been gone for three weeks and a half in Chiang Mai, working on Passports and the such, and on the last week my brace got fixed and my pain returned. Sigh... But my mouth still hurts a little, so I'll wear it tomorrow.

When we got the home, the dogs were surprisingly not very welcoming. Only Looy came up to greet us, and she was happy. Apparently the other pups were out exploring when we arrived and didn't hear us come, but we found em eventually. We haven't seen Amii yet, and one of the pups who we call Lipsy (Cause she licks a lot) can't move her back legs. That's either a sign of car injury, or Parvo. Just like little Lass before her. Sigh... hopefully she'll get better.

Speaking of coming home, take a look at this.
you know you've been gone too long when this happens
See it? There's a plant growing out of the back of Dad's old truck. Wow. Rain and dust has given life to a little plant. Wow. I remember once when we were little, little rice seeds sprouted too. That car is filthy, but to plants it's like heaven. One man's grime is another man's garden lol.

Did you know that the original Bionicle Game was going to have a sequel but never got past the tech demo?
Sayonara for now!

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