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Another day

So... harmony of a hunter 101 comes out nov 17th... so I was supposed to be listening to it today. But... I forgot about timezone differences, and it's still the sixteenth in America. So I'll have to wait another day. But the temperance is good, even though without my jogging my days have become deathly boring. No Wii... no music. That does the package for me.

We saw Wreck-it-Ralph last night, and I was just a bit disappointed. The film has a few Crude jokes, the Story is rather predictable, and the cameos from real Game characters are scarcely noticeable once the movie really starts (the only ones they really mention are Pacman, Mario, and Sonic, besides the older ones like Q*Bert), I didn't see Link once! Grr... and Sadly the story only spans upon three game worlds, and the last one has the most time spent in it. The good/evil balance is a little tipped with all the lying and other such, but it has a good message and theme. In all, I give it 7/10.

...Man. Nothing to say. What's wrong with me? Progress has been difficult. I've been giving my Pokemon in Black extra attention. I'm trying to raise a second generation from my old party while I train them for a rematch with the league.

That's it. What's wrong with me?
Sayonara for now!

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  1. I totally know how you feel with timezones, the exact same thing happened to me today! I thought an episode of SAO was going to come out but it was the American date of release... *cries*

    What's wrong with you? Your preferred activities have been taken away from you so you're halfheartedly doing other things. I know exactly how that is, even though you're doing something you enjoy your heart just isn't in it.


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