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Zsnes and more

So... despite the breaking quality of my old joypad, I am still putting it to use with my newly downloaded emulator; Zsnes. With no sega games to play, I decided to move back to nintendo With the Super NES. Since I already played Super Metroid on the Wii, I decided to start with the game that came bundled with the original SNES; Super Mario World. Though the graphics lack detail and shading, and the sprites aren't all that rad, I can see why this game was so successful. It's awful fun, and it was able to break my habit of 'a jump' and 'b attack'. In almost every game I've played, I switched the controls around so that the a button would jump and the b button would attack and whatever for the other two (x y), but with Super Mario World, b for jump and y for attack surprisingly works. Plus it beats the Sega's three button limit. We had the chance to go to the Computer store today, and I was hoping of going with so I could buy another Joystick, but we had to wait, so... yeah. I just noticed that the four buttons on an SNES/Gamecube/DS/WiiU are named after Algebra points. As for the Chibi-pics... here they are!
Now that I think of it, the style isn't exactly traditional, more like a mix of Chibi, Poptropica, and PowerPuff Girls... Oh well, the goal of writing is to find your own style, most of the time, anyway. I only drew me and my four siblings for now, but I intend on doing more once we're able to get a scanner or something. C&C appreciated! Gotta go, there's a hamburger in the microwave with my name on it! Sayonara for now!

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  1. D: The chibi pics are very small... I can't see them!! Re-upload? For meee? :D

    Ah, it's kind of nostalgic to play an old school game even if it wasn't part of your childhood, isn't it?


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