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Zombie Villager

Yesterday, I forgot to mention that upon finishing School, we finished our Homeschooling for the year! But because we're still behind on the important stuff, we still have to do Chem and Math. I guess this is our share of Summer vacation, or something.

We went to see Kyle today, ate Pizza, talked, and left. He has two little girls, and Sarah had fun playing with them. Little girls like to scream a lot.

Also, in Minecraft, I was out swiping at Monsters with my newly enchanted sword, which I named 'Maadlus' (such a cool name), when I saw (du-du-duuun!) a Zombie villager! I decided that I could try and heal him since I had the stuff for a Golden apple. Unfortunately the new AI for monsters made him very hard to trap, and I ended up fleeing after other monsters joined the party. I ran into a Spider Jockey too. Coolness.

As I finish this Chocolate bar, I go now to work on Phantasm.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. D: Nooo! The poor villager! Minecraft has sure changed... I wonder if I should get back to playing it?
    Little girls do like to scream a lot. Except they don't think of it as screaming. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why we did it!


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