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There and back again

So... we got all packed to go to Chaingmai, we got to Kanchanaburi, had pizza, stayed a night, played minecraft, made a spleef arena, had a nice sleep, got back into the van, drove on the road to Chiang Mai, then had to turn back. My passport's due in like a week, and dad forgot my birth certificate! :/ So we turned tail, and drove straight back to Sangklaburi. I am bushed from the hours of mind-numbing in the van.

Have you heard of Minecraft adventure mode? Basically, it's a mode like creative or survival, except you can't take or place blocks, you can't even use tools, and you can only break obsidian... I think. Perfect for role-playing maps. I am in the process of building the map, and thankfully, there are two towns, a plain, an ocean, a jungle, and a tundra. I am planning on creating a Zelda-esque adventure, but since there is little to no interaction elements in the game, I'll have to put everything down into a series of notes, like in an Ink&quill, in-game, or just a notepad file, in a similar style to one guy's 'Island of Dr. Gireaux' Map. It's gonna be fun, but probably not very advanced.

I gotta scrub the restroom then hit it, probably. Sayonara for now!

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