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Edit: Stupidity galore & Minecraft 1.4

Okay... have you heard of PETA? No, I'm not talking about 'People eating tasty animals,' I'm talking about that band of extremists who poke trouble at our pastimes to try and make a point. First, not too long ago, they posted something about Mario being an animal abuser with all his costumes and get-ups. They even put up a sick flash game on the web. You can guess how Nintendo reacted. After all the arguing, PETA goes 'We were just kidding...' and guess what? THEY DID IT AGAIN.
EDIT: Take a closer look for Minecraft 1.4!

Don't dare humor these people by looking it up, just watch this video, though I don't recommend it. So... PETA created a flash game about Animal Cruelty, and used Pokemon as the center. In the game, you play as an abused pikachu, going around, freeing abused Pokemon and battling people. Ash is even the final opponent! When I heard of this, I was ready to barf. PETA took our favorite game from the late nineties (besides Sonic and Zelda of course) and turned into a Pointless campaign against Animal cruelty.

No, I do believe in Animal cruelty (I watched Animal Cops a lot), and I think its terrible, put to push it on Pokemon?! If those bozos took a moment of research, they would see that in-game, pokemon grow and bond in battles, and are practically born for it. Now that's not saying making our animals fight in real-life is fine, that's illegal. 'But what if the children see this? What if they think making animals fight is good?' That's what Moms and Dads are for! If people took the time to talk about this stuff, they wouldn't need to block it away from people and call it devil-talk! Anything is bad, sure. Almost too much of everything in this world is bad, sure. Almost anything can make us forget about what really matters, but you don't need to shut yourself away from it and make your bloody (literally) point in all this!

Sigh... Ranting time over. Let us pray that People are able to see both sides of these things and completely understand this stuff.
Edit: Just before dinner, Minecraft 1.4 was released! All you minecrafters best pull out your computers and take the update! Why don't we see the list that Mojang has provided for us?

As you can see, we got a pretty snazzy pack besides bug-fixes! Finally put a saddle to use with the Carrot on a Stick, and now Saddles are retrievable! Place your favorite items in a frame, be it a map, clock, or your best sword! If you like a pretty house, set up some potted plants, filled with nearly any grow-able plant you want. Take out 31 pieces of Iron, make three blocks put together with the leftover to make an Anvil! Not only can you fix Items now, you can name them! And they hurt like crazy if they land on something! Now we have pumpkin pies, just in time for Halloween! Speaking of Halloween, let us not forget our new guests! The enderman-sized Wither Skeleton will now wander the nether, waiting for you to take its skull and make the three-headed wither! Don't let the villagers get hurt, or there's a 50/50 chance they'll go Zombie!  Take a spelunking trip in a cave and find some friendly bats. Just stay away from the witches who live in the swamps! This and more, in the new "Minecraft 1.4 version!" resultsmayvarysomenewstructuresmaynotspawninoldwordmapsmojangwillnotberesponsibleforaccidentalldeathwhich includebutarenotlimitedtowitcheszombiescreepersandherobrine
So how was my advertising voice? Hope you have fun in the new Minecraft!

...I'm gonna go cool down. Sayonara for now.

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  1. I heard about that PETA thing on the Smosh Pit Weekly. The graphics in PETA's Black and Blue are sickening, making them worse than they believe Pokemon to be! What the hell, people?!

    Minecraft looks delicious. Good thing I won't be playing for a while, haha, but anyway. Seems interesting, but slightly haunting.


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