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Passports and... nothing

So today I had to get up at like seven, comb my hair, use deodorant, and go with Mom and Dad to the Embassy to get my passport work done. We got there at like eight thirty, and left at eleven thirty. Luckily I had 'That Hideous Strength' to accompany me. So... Mom and Dad gave them the form, my birth certificate, and the paperwork, but We had to take a new picture for my new passport (Finally). When the lady at the Desk saw my old passport, which was done when I was like nine, and looked back at me, she was surprised. A little kid with shortish hair, compared a Kid almost as tall as his Dad with longer Hair, and facial hair. I hit a growth spurt when I was Twelve or Thirteen... yeah. They had to confiscate my Mp4 for the time being for safety reasons. So we waited, went to the desk, worked some stuff out, and waited, and apparently there is some confusion, because my passport goes out tomorrow, and it takes like two weeks for them to make my new one. I don't know what's going to happen, but things don't look dire at all. We had a nice chat with the guy at the window about how things were going to work. When we left and I reclaimed my Mp4, I noticed I accidentally left it on. Three hours of listening time down the drain.

Got home, and apparently, unless you actually have the disk for the game, that PSX emulator is pretty useless. Alas, my chances of playing the original Rayman are slim unless I buy it. But that's how things work for Emulators.

Listening to music and typing. Why do I feel so empty inside?
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Haha, I got my most recent passport in year 6. My previous one was when I was 3 months old. Do you think there may have been a difference? XD

    I totally get how you feel with the emptiness... I think we get it when we don't do new things... I got it a few times on the holidays.


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