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Opinions needed for Ultraman Wiki... Help!

Kay. On the Ultraman Wiki, problems have arose. We have realized that our staff system is in need of alteration. When problems arise, we argue over the facts until one side gives in, sadly. And, of the four active admins, all are American, but two live in America alone and insist on their material, while the other two are in asia most of the time and have seen the other side of the material and insist upon that, aka me and John. When problems such as pictures arise, we discuss, or if things become technical we argue. Template pictures have been changed over clashing opinions, and we have no set of rules to help. So, Yaoyao, one of the admins, has asked the other three to come up with a solution, a rule set, a Page layout style, a democratic agreement or something, that we all can accept so that problems arise less often. John is afraid that if we do that, there might be more conflicts over which source the material will come from, and we won't be able to make the wiki accurate enough.

So... there are problems like page layout (history, abilities, etc), and pictures, and I wanna find a way how to fix this without causing conflict or allowing possibly inaccurate information to leak in. Any ideas on online communities like this? Then Please help!! I want to know anything that might help the situation.
Sayonara for now. Gonna be hard to sleep.

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  1. Hmm... Unfortunately I don't know much about this stuff. I once was a part of a Zelda website but that fell in a heap. I was in charge of the Spirit Tracks walkthrough, and that's all I did. We all uploaded pictures to the gallery and I included pictures in my walkthrough where I liked it.
    Maybe you should give each other sections that you are in charge of, and each person sends their articles through to the others just to check how it looks and if the information's correct. I would format it so the pictures are always on one side, like maybe the left side. Get a well known format like Wikipedia or another Wiki site that you all agree looks good.

    Hope I'm of some assistance! As I said, I don't know much about wiki.


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