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Joystick Finally...

Dad finally took our two computers into the shop to get their screens replaced. My computer's lack of screen light up is permanent, but the screen is in good condition, and dad got that one to replace the one that Steve uses. Steve's has all line-y, and had a straight blotch of pixels here and there, hindering our view. Now that it's switched out, there only small lines, running downwards, so it's all good. I guess I should mention that both our computers are Toshiba satellites, so the transition was easy. Now Steve can play Megaman Battle Network easily now. By the way, he started playing the second game like a day ago, and now he's on the fourth! *_* He's really speeding there!

In somewhat more interesting news, when we were at the Pantip plaza (Computer Plaza), I immediately went to looking for a new Joystick for my computer. I bought myself a Twin USB controller (which looks and feels like a PS2 controller) for 290 baht. 100 baht is three dollars, do the math. I also bought a USB hub, as my laptop has only three ports, but as it's in 'Desktop mode' and its sound doesn't work, all three ports are used with the keyboard, mouse, and my Rosetta stone headset. Whenever I wanted to play an emulator, I had to switch out either my mouse or my keyboard with my joystick. Now that I bought a hub, I have seven ports ready, and I don't have to switch out. All's good. I spent 389 baht total. How much bucks is that?

I go now to work on Neo-Soldier and play ZSNES with my new, Shiny, Controller.  
Sayonara for now!

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  1. I wish everything was that cheap in Australia... The controller'd be near $20 and the usb port would be nearly the same... You're so lucky to live where you do!


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