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HyperMode defeated!

Finally, after toil and toil of searching for the missiles, I got 100% items in Metroid Prime! I immediately set out to fight the Metroid Prime, and with my new found determination, I won! We got to see the secret ending where Dark Samus' hand reaches out of the remains and writhes around.

Finally, I finished a Metroid Game on 100%.  Next I tackle Aether in Metroid Prime 2; Echoes.

Oh, and sorry, usually I post a chapter of Phantasm on Sunday, but there's been a delay (laziness) and I may not be able to post it today. Sorry! Still need to think some stuff out.

Have you heard of Linkin Park? They're a Heavy Metal Band, and a good one. They're not exactly Christian, but their songs are fine. I downloaded some of their Songs on my Mp3. Unlike Skillet, they like to scream more, it seems.

Got to work, I hope nothing interesting happens or I'll have to double post.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Good onya! You complete games very quickly, or maybe you work on several at a time, I dunno!! ^_^

    Yes, I have heard of Linkin Park. They're quite popular in my group of friends, but I haven't really gone out and listened to their songs. I've heard bits, and yes, it seems they like to scream. ^_^


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