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Hopeful Friday

So... originally Kyle and his family were going to come over for dinner, but their daughter had a headache so we went over to them. We had lasagna (not my favorite dish), watched a movie, and talked, and came home. Life's good, especially with friends. So, before I forget, here is a hopefully bigger version of the chibis.

Big enough for ya?! From left to right, me, Sarah, Steve, and John. It's really hard to emulate the way I was written right there, so I'm trying to learn to draw it without keep on looking at the sketch.


Pulseman 4fa6cb35cdc388ed13f3af08The final boss was reasonably tough, but after I got down to my LAST life and my LAST continue, I beat it. I must say, though there's not much replay value, the game is still pretty good. I wish this franchise kicked back again, but GameFreak's too busy with pokemon right now, so.

Gotta go get some work done while there's still time.
Sayonara for now.

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  1. Lovin' the chibis. :)
    I was looking at some of your old pictures, and I realised if you got rid of the mustache you would look like Luke Skywalker. XD
    Congrats on Pulseman. :D


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