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Games, and Midis

Have you ever came across those 8-bit remixes on youtube? They're interesting, aren't they? But making them is no joke. You need a Midi file, and a special Japanese program called GXSCC. Midis are special sound files that are more like a sheet of music than a traditional mp3/wav file. Upon opening a Midi file in GXSCC (Let's just call it Gx), it will load, then be downgraded into a chiptune song. This can then be exported as a WAV file, then imported into another program and turned into an MP3.

 I used the Uber-cool song 'What I'm made of' from Sonic heroes for a test run, but I am unable to upload it at the time. Though I can bitify a song, I still lack the proper program to make midis in the first place. I have some in mind, but I'm having trouble downloading them.

In other news, yesterday we hung out with Mr.Kyle and went out for dinner. His step-son is a student programmer, and he and his friend's group made this game right here
Escape the Basement
It's a little suggestive with the red on the walls, but it's a pretty cool game, nothing excessively scary. I had a good time playing it.

In other, exciting news, the third Chapter of Phantasm is here! Here's the Link, and I do believe two more Chapters are in place. I got farther then i though upon writing this, and wish to expand some more before calling it.

Gotta go do some more work! Sayonara for now!

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  1. That game was actually really fun! :) I ragequtted, though, after having four items in the inventory and turning off the light a few times. XD

    *goes to read Phantasm*


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