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God Bless!


Friends... and Sweets

We went to the Robinsons' for dinner, had Lasagna again, played monopoly while Mr. Robinsons' guests came over, talked, had some brownies and chocolate thumbprints, and left. Funness

Before we went over, we stopped by rimping and restocked a little, Steve bought two cans of Mountain Dew (there were hundreds this time), Sarah got one too. I got another Jar of Ovaltine, and a stick of dark Chocolate. I'm gonna have the ultimate late-night chocolate snack tonight. Nutella on bread, then Ovaltine, and then some Dark Chocolate... M-m-m... my stomach's gonna hate me.

I got to playing Metroid Prime 2 on Hypermode, but the game was frikkin hard. I kept getting K'od by regular enemies. So I decided to restart and play on veteran. Unfortunately all my scan-progress and achievements went with it. Grumble Grumble. But Now, I get to fight the Ing and Dark Samus again, and this time I'm aiming for 100%, but this time I'm checking off every single upgrade I find. It was a nightmare doing so in Prime.

So I'll get to that tomorrow, I gotta get some work done on Phantasm, I'm a week behind! So sorry, lazy issues!
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Haha, so true. I swear Rimping was the shop we went to when we were in Thailand... Oh well. It's nearly been two years, I don't remember.

    Seems like life is pretty good for you. :) Nice to hear from you!


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