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Final Night

So... since we missed two days, we had to do School today, and it took up most of my time until dinner. I hate it when this happens.

In minecraft, I was able to build a reasonable Asian Temple for a dungeon. It's not doin' too good though. I was able to set up a tripwire trap that would make a dispenser spawn a skeleton. I also learned that with cheats turned on, you can toggle whether or not you lose your inventory or not upon dying. I also made a frozen fountain.

Minecraft News update: new update confirmed on the twenty fourth. Update includes but is not limited to;
Witches, swamp huts for witches, bats, half-steps, item frames, Villagers turning into zombies, a new boss, Wither Skeleton, wearable 'heads' that can be placed for decoration and/or intimidation, beacon blocks, and Herobrine.

Also, the new chapter for Phantasm is up! Check it out here, and enjoy! The story is dark and a bit violent, so be prepared, but rest assured, there is no gore.

And no, the title is not about the awesome song by Bentley Jones. The title means that we leave tomorrow. Man... I hope I remember everything this time.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. THEY'RE INCLUDING HEROBRINE IN MINECRAFT?!?!?!?! NONONONONONONONONONOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Idon'twannaIdon'twannaIdon'twanna!! I seriously don't want Herobrine in minecraft... D: I think I might never play again.

    *goes to look up the update and read Phantasm*


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