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God Bless!


Chiang Mai

Today, after eight hours in the car, we got to Chiang Mai, and we'll be staying here for the next few weeks. We'll get passports, shopping, and dentistry done within that time, and I'll probably be getting back to using my brace very soon. Sigh... It was nice and free while it lasted. But... at this rate... Shudder...

In the meantime, we brought all our computers and I was able to bring a monitor for mine, and I got a nice mostly private desk to type on, expect more progress at once! :D

I WILL get some progress done while we're here, I have to make up for the time and effort I've lost. I at least want to post the Next Lozoot chapter (which I am working on as of now) and Neo-Soldier, then I go to the Ultra Wiki and work there for a bit. I can work on Phantasm in between then.

Now then, I'm going to try my hand at ePSXe.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Whoo!! Progress! Progress is good! LozOot is also good, in fact, epic! Can't wait. :)
    Also, what is ePSXe?


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