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...Boring Friday

So... in two days we go back to Chiang Mai, but things aren't going so hot. The map I'm building in Minecraft is going kinda slow, because most of the buildings are slow thanks to my amateurish building skills, and most of the stuff I want to implement doesn't come till the update in three weeks. It's gonna be hard writing and building everything.
UPDATE: I am bringing the Wii inside, and me and the others might be doing brawl. We had some confusion earlier whether to bring it in or not, thanks to me, but that was cleared up.

Maybe some Milo will perk me up.
Sayonara for now.

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  1. I never build anything unique on Minecraft... I just don't have the inspiration or creativity.

    Have fun with Brawl!! :D I've been training for the next match!


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