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Words of a Devil... kinda

The Screwtape Letters   -     
        By: C.S. Lewis
Hello, my imagination has rekindled a bit. Our new school book is another of C.S. Lewis'; The Screwtape Letters. Basically, it's a book composed of letters sent by Affectionate Uncle Screwtape to his Dear nephew, Wormwood. What's the catch? They're demons. Screwtape is sending letters to his nephew about how to damn a man by influencing his mind. Of course however, as C.S. Lewis is a very hopeful man, not all of the letters imply that the nephew is successful, and it's actually kinda funny. For example, the uncle says 'now, don't despair on the matter, that's our job for him.' (Not word for word quote), the leading professor of the university for trainee devils is Scabtree, a good friend of Screwtape's is Slubgob, and so on. The letters say how Screwtape tells his nephew how the human mind is and how to chip away at it by tiny distractions, misleading thoughts, and minor irritations. The way his letters are written are in such a way that we can learn how to keep us ourselves from making the same mistakes. For example, Screwtape writes that though Wormwood's 'patient' has just joined a church, they still have their chances, as he is not putting his heart into the 'enemy's' service and can still be exploited. Also, he says 'Let him think his belief is a religion or a chore as much as possible. He ought to despair sooner or later with this in mind' (Not a word for word quote).

The letters can teach us the interior of our thinkings and how to work against what may lead us down the wrong path. The book is very popular, and as of now, there is an audio drama released, and guess who plays Screwtape? Andy Serkis. In further note, guess what the beginning of the book says?
'To J.R.R. Tolkien'. Wow. Make no mistake, this book is not of devil worship or the like, it tells of how to avoid straying from God, in a rather opposite fashion.

In other news, some new songs on my Mp4 are giving me new ideas for my stories. Expect an interesting update soon...
Sayonara for now.

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  1. That book sounds super weird, yet interesting. I don't know if it's my kind of book, but it's quite a fascinating viewpoint to write from.

    Oooh. Do I smell a story in the making? :)


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