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Wii U Preview

Don't get excited, we did not buy a Wii U nor intend to anytime soon. John and Steve have simply gathered two thirds of the money needed. And with a new console on the verge of exploitation, I thought I'd give a preview of the console and what I expect of it.

Initial look

The Wii U is designed similar to a DS in regards to two screens with the lower one being touch sensitive. The main console resembles a Wii on its side, while the gamepad resembles a tablet. The gamepad features both motion control and a gyroscope, so though it may not be engaged the way a Wii Remote was, it has the capability for many other things. The Wii U also features compatibility with working cable systems, effectively allowing the Wii U to serve as a second TV remote. The Wii U boasts HD graphics surpassing that of their predecessors and rivals, as well as compatibility with most Wii games, and an online interaction system akin to the PS network and Xbox live, called MiiVerse. Though Nintendo has admitted that they will probably not be able to compete with the current network systems of their rivals, this will increase the interaction between friends with the console. The camera and microphone allow video and voice chat without the use of a headset, whether the WiiSpeak appliance will be usable or not is yet to be revealed. It also is compatible with Wii Remotes and the like, in fact, controllers from the previous console are encouraged for Multiplayer, while the player with the gamepad will serve as the 'Leader', or in some games, the hazard-controller, effectively making the gamepad player take over as the 'computer player'. The Wii U will be released in about sixty days, and will have two colors available, the default white,
and the deluxe black set. The black set will include four times as much memory, and a game bundled, although this set costs fifty more dollars ($350). GameStop is offering customers to trade in their original console for a $140 discount on the new console.

The Wii U initially is a turned-over Wii. The disk slot is placed where the original was, however, the button layout has been changed, and the 'Sync' button has been moved above the memory slot. The Wii U, starting with 8Gb of memory, will be able to utilize SD cards and USB sticks for memory storage. This will probably be the first Nintendo console to measure memory in GigaBytes. A larger Sensor Bar is also used.
The Gamepad's layout is as follows. Two joysticks, placed at the top corners of the front, a Cross-Pad, a card/AR reader placed below the Cross Pad, two stereo speakers, a Mic, and a Home button. On the other side, the traditional SNES/DS layout of buttons is laid, with a + and - placed below, serving as Start and Select. The Gamepad's screen is touch sensitive, and is safe to touch with fingers, though the stylus is recommended for more precise pressure. This is also the first Nintendo controller to have a button placed underneath the Joysticks' mechanism. However, unlike the PS and Xbox joybuttons, when the buttons beneath the Joystick are pressed, the Joystick can still be turned, allowing possibilities such as sneaking or crouching in some games.
On the flip-side, two shoulder buttons, L and R, an Infrared reader, and AC/Audio jacks, the Stylus holder right beneath the R, and two Z buttons. Two lumps on the bottom corners allow comfortable gripping, and rumble feedback. The gamepad comes with a stand for easy replacement. Gamepads can be bought separately, though so far, it only appears that up to two gamepads can be played with on a console, seemingly reviving the two-player restriction on the original NES.

Accessories are as follows. The Wii U will support most previous Wii accessories, as well as the Wii balancing board. It also will support a new Microphone for Karaoke games. And Finally, the Wii U Pro controller. Rather disappointingly, this controller is nearly identical to an Xbox controller, though half of the button layout is rearranged. Where the Xbox had four buttons and a joystick below on the right, the Wii U pro emulates the Gamepad's layout. However, the rear trigger buttons and the initial shape closely resemble the Xbox controller. Gamecube controllers and games are not compatible.

Super Mario Bros. New UNintendo LandSonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedAssassinI must
say, though that Nintendoland game looks very interesting, I'm a little disappointed in the launch titles. I didn't know what to expect... but I was hoping for something that looked a little more... Solid. Only the third party games seem to pull that off (curse you, Zombi U). Launch titles include, Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land,  Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge, Lego City: Undercover, Pikmin 3, and Wii Fit U. Third party titles include; Sonic All-Star racing Transformed, Zombi U(curses), Assasin's Creed III, and Scribblenauts unlimited. All games will be priced at sixty dollars. I am not completely pleased with that.

Final Thoughts?
The Wii U is amazing. It's graphics look very powerful, and in my opinion, the console wars are as good as won. But... the idea of the system, made it sound very expensive, and it was true. The console costs three hundred dollars, and every game costs sixty. The price ratio doesn't seem to be doing good. But it can play older games, so that's cool. It can do HD, so that's cool. And the games look interesting, though we'll have to wait before a Metroid or even Zelda comes out. I'm most concerned about the new Smash Bros game.
*Super cool design
*More traditional layout
*Gameplay and possibilities look sweet

*The game reach has greatly increased
*Much more efficient memory system
*Great graphics
*Pro Controller!
*Internet, TV, and other cool stuff
*Too pricy
*The console looks clunky, therefore hard to travel with
*The games are outpriced
*A lot of new games are M-rated
*No truly familiar games on the market.
The cons just barely won with a few less meaningful good stuff. I am looking forward to the day when we have this, but I'd rather focus on a computer, and focus more on our current system, or even a 3DS, and at least wait for the price to drop. The Wii U has lots of Promise, there's no denying that. But it doesn't seem within an easy reach. I'd love to see a Metroid game on here! And I'd love it even more when the new Smash Bros game is revealed! What do you think of the Wii U? Too Pricy, reasonable? Good games, bad games? And will it hold its own against Sony's 'Orbis' project?
Sayonara for now!

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  1. So it's backwards compatible? That's good.
    Do you think it'd be worth trading Christie's old wii for a WiiU or just waiting until Christmas and having both the consoles?


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