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Review: Ultraman Saga

Upper Left: Saga, Lower Left: Dyna, Upper Right: Zero, Lower right, Cosmos
So today, we got to watch Ultraman Saga on Youku, but the subs were in Chinese, but I was able to make out enough of the words to get what the plot was.

 The movie takes place in an alternate universe where the Alien Warlord, Bat Seijin, has taken over the Planet and removed nearly all life on the planet, save a small resistance squad and some Children they rescued. Due to space-time irregularities, Ultraman Zero ends up inside this world. In the world of Ultraman Dyna, where the Global Unlimited Task Squad (GUTS) keeps peace, on the very day that they commemorate their missing member, Asuka, aka Ultraman Dyna, rookie member Taiga and his GutsWing fighter Jet is sucked into a wormhole and ends up in the alternate world. Taiga finds that the Alien's forces have opened fire on the city, and tries to help, in the end, pulling off a Kamikaze to save a kid. Zero witnesses this and merges with him to keep him alive. Taiga awakes from his near-death experience, but isn't exactly thrilled to learn of his new fate, or that there's a voice talking to him inside his head. A wild monster attacks the abandoned city, and thanks to Taiga's lack of cooperation, Zero is unable to transform and help. However, another Ultraman drawn to the world, Cosmos, is able to help, in an unusual fashion. He soothes the monster, and after its aggression dies away, lets it leave the city. Cosmos reverts to human form, Haruno Musashi, and gets acquainted with Taiga. The two are confronted by the resistance, simply known as Team U, and are brought to their base. Taiga is looked down upon by the other members, as he wears a GUTS uniform, and apparently some time ago, Asuka used to help the team! Taiga's attitude makes the team look upon him like a disgrace.

Alien Bat however, hasn't let hem go, and fires blasts at their camp from his spacecraft. Taiga once again is unwilling to transform, and Cosmos gets overwhelmed. Taiga tries to comfort a frightened Child, and relearns his own fears, remembering how he lost his parents in a Monster attack, and lost faith in Ultramen since. Taiga, realizing his faults, decides to accept Zero and take the fight to Alien Bat. However, Alien Bat's masterpiece, Hyper Zetton, is waiting for them to attack, and to enter the same fate as the last Ultra who tried, and failed, Dyna. (No further details will be explained)

Following the last two movies, Saga was created as the third in Ultraman Zero's movie trilogy. The makers decided to use rather untouched monsters in this film, such as Alien Bat, who hasn't appeared since the seventies. The J-Pop band Diva was casted as Team U, and a member of the band DAIGO was casted as Taiga.
The movie features two songs, 'Lost the Way' by Diva, and a new version of 'Only you do I wish to protect', which was originally the ending theme for Ultraman Dyna. (When it started playing in the movie... I got a Nostalgia overload!)

The film was #4 in the Japan Box office for its release, made a lot of money, but got mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Most of the negative parts came from the acting of Team U and Taiga, who are admittedly new to the live action department. Here are my thoughts;

*Great effects and suit acting
*New and old monsters
*Dyna's Story finally touched upon more
*Cosmos' Story finally touched upon more
*Epic music
*Saga rocks
*Plot could've been better
*Acting could've been better
*Still some holes with Cosmos' plot
 In all, I give it 4/5, and personally like it better than the first film. The film had a much more western appealing plot, and was reasonably funny in some parts, but it's still lacking something that all the films are lacking... Though I can't place it. I'd recommend if you have nothing else to do, but if you're an older kid and/or wanna be impressed, then probably not. Plus there are no reliable subs out there so far. Oi.
Two reviews within a month! I'm doin' better!

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  1. I probably wouldn't understand a thing if I watched it ^_^ Action movies mess with my head a lot of the time, like in Star Wars, I honestly had no idea what the plot was!! XD
    Reviews are thorough and fabulous like always. :)


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