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Atheist Youtube, again

John hates mondays. It's the first day of school. But today things went okay. I guess.

I'm just a little bugged. Iron Maiden (a band I don't listen to) has a song called 'Out of the Silent Planet', and what does it talk about? Hopelessness and damnation. When I commented on the youtube video on how the lyrics are false, though the song is good, I get bashed by TWO PEOPLE AT ONCE, calling me a basically Christian dope. And we had an argument about how there's no proof of God, and I might as well believe in the greeks. This stuff makes my Blood boil, but I talked to dad about it, and he told me what I should say, and now I feel a bit better. Why do Atheists have to be so atrocious to us?!

I need to go cool off.
Sayonara for now.

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  1. Ugh, haters. Dont you love em? They have this way of making you feel horrible... Life'd be far easier without them. :(
    I don't like mondays much either... It means i have to wake up early for school. XD


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