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Minecraft Dad

Dad has recently started playing minecraft, so we helped him copy the launcher to his computer, and after some fumbling, we were able to get it running. Every now and then, we would sit next to him and give him the tips and tricks and what he wants to do first before night, and all that stuff. Isn't it fun when your parents are into your stuff?

Got some Sonic OST on my Mp4, which was experiencing difficulties by the way. I moved the songs unto it, then it started to freeze up whenever I turned it on. So I moved off everything I wanted and formatted it, now its all good. Do you know Sonic? Do you know the villain named Mephiles? Survival tip. Don't listen to his theme at night and/or if you're alone in a dark room. So creepy...

Sayonara for now!

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  1. You're kidding. Dad playing minecraft?! Thats so awesome! I love it when parents are into our stuff, its a real bonding opportunity and it gives you heaps to talk about. The closest I think I've gotten is Mum playing brawl with Christie, Niels and me. :) she does have a general interest in my anime and our Zelda talk though.


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