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Friday glee

So... Today, I got done school reasonably quick, drove up with dad and John to 7-11 for some coke for tonight (I noticed a typo earlier, both me and John were given driving lessons that day), John did... reasonable. Going in and out the driveway was the problem (we have a heck of hill). I bought a new set of earbuds when were up in the 7-11, my last pair lost the right ear already. I go through a few pairs every year because of this. Luckily this pair was cheap, and it looked sturdy. Oi... I spend almost 500.- a year!(Baht, which is 100 for every $3) This isn't helping my Computer project.

I finished the Sky Keep in Skyward Sword today. Now I have to go and grab those eight or so Hear containers, and any extra traveling pouches, and catch some bugs for potions, heck I might as well help Batreuax (update, I just learned his name is pronounced Bat-troe). The poor soul, plus I'm sick of those Remlits at night! I prefer their... cute... alluring... catty sides. Kawaii....

I'm going out for a walk, and then I'm doing some work on Phantasm. Might as well keep it going for three or more Chapters.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Fifteen dollars an ear on earbuds? That's actually super cheap if you go through a few a year... Over here to get a cheap pair is maybe $10!!
    Does Batreux have to do with the remlits? If you get all the gratitude crystals does it make them all nice? Oh well... not like I'll have a chance to find out any time soon... Christie saved her file as a Hero Mode file, so we've lost our nearly 100%-ed file.


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