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Driving... Digimon... oi

So, last Friday dad gave me and Dad a driving lesson. We both did fine, I guess. The only real problem I had was when we went to the post office and I was slowing down to park, some lady on her motorbike drove right in front of us. Figured she could make the squeeze. She did, but I froze up for a sec and didn't hit the brakes right away. Sheesh, Thailand and crazy driving is almost synonymous.

Steve's been watching Digimon Adventure 02 in japanese, much better than the saban dub, by, I dunno... 100%. Episode 49, out of...(Steve: Fifty) Fifty. One ep away. Man... still bored.
Sayonara for now.

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  1. Driving?! At our age?! What the...? You're allowed to? Sheesh... we have to wait until we're sixteen or something like that.


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