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So, we got over to Bangkok after a six hours, we arrived at our friend's house, but Tai and Fa wouldn't be home till ten pm. We arrived at three. The most BORING hours of my life were spent there before we went out to dinner. Oh, funny story there.
My last pair of Sandals broke, so I borrowed a pair of Dads. But when we got to the store, we realized that the other one was kicked outta the van when we left for the house. I had to go in the store BAREFOOTED until I got another (identical) pair, Luckily, nobody really noticed. Man. I didn't wig, but I was sweating like crazy. It was nice to have a new pair.

Well now it's all said and done, and we're going with Tai and Fa to their english class. I mean a class that teaches english to kids. They're assistant teachers. And we'll help 'em out. It's great to be helping them.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Teaching is nice, isn't it? I'd love to do it... unfortunately it was my sister who was lucky enough to be chosen as the Irish class's assistant teacher, and she's doing all this cool stuff with her and I'm left behind, even though I started two years before her... but I'm rambling with my personal issues now... >.<

    Oh my din it's sooooo awkward going into the shops with no shoes on isn't it? I've done it a few times and I can't say I like it... XD
    What did you do for the 7 hours that no one was around?!


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