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God Bless!


Back home again, again

We left Bangkok at ten, we get back home at eight. What's wrong with this picture? We spent hours in Kanchanaburi shopping, under the impression that Dad might need to go to a meeting and we'd spend the night at the VL, but we changed plans on the last minute, and now we're home at eight. I AM EXHAUSTED from the BOREDOM.

In game news, I won Sonic 3 &Knuckles as Tails, then got all the super emeralds like *snap* that. And now I can play as Super Tails (yes he has that). It's really cute to see the lil' fox goin' honcho. When he transforms, little glowing animals start following him and they home in on enemies. Well I guess it works.

I'm gonna get back to work on my stuff. Oi... tired.
Sayonara for now! 

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