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Sarah's Birthday

It HAS been a year! Wow!

I don't feel like saying too much, I'm kinda tuckered out, but basically Sarah got a box of paints, clay, and some M&ms.

I also discovered a new comedian, perhaps better than Brian Regan! Tim Hawkins, and he's Christian! His jokes aren't necessarily Christian, but he uses some jokes like that. He also has a knack for music. Take a look.
LOL!!! This guy is awesome! He says everything we think about the US gov! Don't get me wrong, I would never openly attack our President, but he does such a horrible job, and he tries to!!
Here is another Link to a part of one of his acts, but some of it may be offensive to some Christian types, I don't think he insulted one, I'm just not a Baptist/Catholic and can't see if its offensive or not. What the heck. here it is anyway. Around the end he mentions Catholics, and it may be offensive to some people (Chelsea, are you reading this?)
LOL... '~Licker Reference! Licker Reference! He's talkin' about Licker! ...Nyeh!!~' Again, sorry if this is offensive, and if any, I did not intend any, the rest of this clip is just so funny!

That's it, again. Tomorrow's saturday! Oh Joy!

Sayonara for now!

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  1. I'll have to look at them later, I'm not even gonna be able to touch my laptop today! I might also just watch the first one... I get pretty defensive when people mock Catholics. :)

    Tell Sarah happy birthday for me, and if she's not planning on eating those M&Ms, I'll be happy to take them off her hands. :) Just kidding, but enjoy them. :D


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