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Our history with computers is terrible. They always break. And when they get fixed, a new problem shows up! Like how the Acer started to bug out with the keyboard! If I pressed any key it would automatically take me to the web search field! That got frustrating, so I tried all the key combinations I knew, and Fn+F( )seemed to do the trick. I wish I had my own...

We had Pizza at a friend's house, and we got there at like four thirty, and we left at eight twenty. And guess what half of it was? Talking between the parents. And no other kids to talk to. That's half the problem over here. Not enough families with kids our age. Or any for that matter. But it was fun to come over and all. Huh...

Gotta get going. Sayonara for now!

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  1. Technology issues. Don't you love 'em?

    We only have one family on our street with kids our age, but we share no interests with them so Christie and I stay secluded in our house. :D


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