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Kawaii Kat!

Today has been mostly uneventful. I finished Sonic 2, and got a nice ending, since I got all the Chaos emeralds (thank you, save state system,) and all that jazz. Tried playing Fire Emblem some more, but meh.

On a larger account, I was out walking around the landlady's house like at seven-ish, and over here, that's well into nighttime, and there was a drizzle, and her cat got outside. The cat was reasonably shy, but wasn't by any means reproachful, but I had a hard time coaxing the cat. Kay, so I just used a twig and got it to jump close enough so I could grab it, but it took a while, and it kept retreating into the brush. The Landlady let me play with her for a bit, and then she offered to let me take her home every once in a while, but then I told her about my mom's allergies, but then I suggested letting Sarah to come down and play with the cat, and she agreed. Sarah's gonna love it. The cat's name is Ayo (Eh-oh), and has a bit of persian in her, and is a lil' ball of fluff! So fluffy you can barely feel the cat underneath... Kawaiiiiii!... Er-hem.

Steve wants the computer back. I'm off to prime.

Sayonara for now!

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  1. KAWAIIIIIIIII!!!!! I love animals ^_^ especially fluffy ones! Naw, kawaii neko-chan, ne?


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