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John's Home!!

John came back with dad from their trip up at the village!! They were soaking wet when we picked them up, 'cause of the rain. On our way home, Dad picked up a Package at the Post office, and it had the Stuff that John ordered in it! It was  Win-Win! John home, and new stuff, and a New game for the Wii; Bionicle Heroes. We used to have the game for the computer, but it broke. Now we have it again! John asked me If I was jealous, I said no. Now he says that he petted a few cats up there. Now I'm jealous!

So we played the Wii, built the new Bionicle, and I Finished the Picture!!
I was going to try better shading, but I couldn't find the Tools, and I wanted it posted by tonight. Some of the lines from the paper are still visible... So... how is it? Too flat, color bad? Let me know!

We're staying up till Midnight since its Friday. Dunno what we'll be exactly doing though, since John usually doesn't wanna play brawl. Sigh. Boredom.

Sayonara for now!

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  1. Wow! The picture turned out great!

    Good that John's home! I'm totally pumped for tomorrow night, us Hyde girls are gonna kick some serious butt! :D


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