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Hello. Happy Sunday.

With dad's computer mostly unoccupied, I've been using it to do my work and edit Phantasm, which is going swell, by the way. I think I might post a preview. I'm trying to make it so that the story can stand-alone better without clashing with the original one, also to avoid giving stuff away. Things are swell.

We went out to find Jeans for me, and we went through a crowded smelly bazaar/marketplace. I had to try three different jeans in a very tiny changing booth. Ugh... Anyway, we found Pants that fit, so we bought 'em and left. After like ten or so minutes walking around, I began to feel choked by the fumes. When I told Mom how I was feeling, she was like 'I feel it all the time, you feel nothing'. Yeah, maybe I'm inheriting her asthma. It certainly did feel good to inhale the air of Rimping center after that smelly bazaar.

Made some Limeade outta some seedless limes Aunt Vhan bought me, played Pulseman, did I mention that game is awesome? Now I'm gonna go see if I can't press the other laptop back to life.

Sayonara for now!

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty swell day. :) except at the bazaar... Ugh, it gets so crowded there!


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