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Japanese friends, Cool vid, and a useless computer

So, for the past... two days(?), this is what happened.
Left to right, John, Me, and Maiko
Me, Maiko, Aunt Vhan(middle), Kerry, and Aki

On the first, Aunt Vhan brought over two Japanese friends for dinner. One was Maiko, and the other was Aki. When we introduced ourselves and Maiko saw Sarah, guess what she said? "Kawaii!!"
 It was fun talking to them, learning some more Japanese, they were surprised to see that I could speak some! They also had a talk with Kerry about the differences between Japanese culture and American/Christian. Apparently in Japan, Religion isn't exactly important! But it's not atheist, thank God for that. It was real fun with them over. Did you know that in Japan, their 'Day of the Dead', (if you know what I mean) starts August 10th!

Me and Aki
On the second, Dad finally got my favorite computer back from the shop. And guess what? Two BAD THINGS were wrong. First, Dad's Acer had to get a complete memory wipe in order to clear the problem, and that means Minecraft went with it! }(  And next, worse, my favorite computer, though its power issue is solved, the screen, yet again, has a backlight error. This has rendered the computer practically useless until we get home and hook it up to a monitor. SIGH... Well, once it's hooked up to a monitor, we can still play the games that's on it, but more importantly, I won't be able to work on my files with the privacy I'm used to! I've decided to move them up to Google Docs when I get the chance. Sigh... But this has increased my determination to get my own Computer! One that doesn't bug out, right away, anyway.

And as for today, we're getting ready for Sarah's Birthday tomorrow! Mom made another Icebox cake, we got some snacks, but no news on what we're trying to get for presents...

As a closing treat, the trailer for Black and White 2 was just dubbed in english! It looks epic, the battles are sweet, so are the voices (some of them), and best of all, the Pokemon don't talk! Stuff like Pikachu is okay, but I find it weird and annoying that all pokemon have to say their name. It's an exaggerated version of Japanese cute-talk. When I saw this trailer, I was like 'Why can't the real anime be like this?!!'.

That's it! Sayonara for now!

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