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Figma is HERE!!!!!!

The Samus Figma that I ordered in the mail STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN and I spent nearly fifty dollars on, is finally in my grasp! We came over to Chiang Mai for my dentistry and 90 days. So aunt Vhan and Uncle Kerry held unto the package until we got here! She is great! The accessories are awesome! And I would upload actual pictures if DAD BROUGHT THE CAMERA CABLE! Argh!! Oh well. There's also a Link figma for skyward sword coming out. If you have $50 to burn, you could pre-order it.

In other news, I go to the dentist tomorrow to fix my inner brace so I can wear my thing again, and so I can refresh on rubber bands. Oh joy. Who knows? Maybe I'll be able to get it done and I'll have an overbite and won't have to go in for surgery :(  I could not stand another sleepless night in the hospital. And what's worse, I'll need a bit of Rehab if it comes to that! Man... I'm praying it won't happen.

...Hey. This might give me a chance for a V-review! That'll be cool! Once Mom's computer comes outta the shop. That reminds me, we were able to send the three bad computers into the shop, Mom's new one was fixed, the one that I use is coming tomorrow, and Dad's... well, it was too pricey to fix the hard drive problem. Guess we'll need some other way to play minecraft. But if we do it right, we can keep our progress and move it to dad's Desktop. Once the other one comes back, we send our other one in to get a memory wipe. This thing is so Slow IT'S INSANE! So we gathered all the files we want, and we're going to have its hardrive wiped clean. Then we'll actually be able to use this thing!

Edit: I forgot to mention, I saw a Clannad DVD collection at a store! Didn't expect to see that!

Gotta go brush. Sayonara for now!

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  1. I'll be praying for you about your teeth too. I cried at the choice between braces and a tooth out... see, I'm not very good with stuff like that.
    Also, if you have fifty dollars to burn... you could get that Link figurine and take pretty pictures so I don't have to spend my money? XD Just kidding, but I don't really have enough money as I am now.


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