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God Bless!


Omea wa...?

Don't have much to say besides this picture. What do you think? Any idea who it is? The character is completely original. Those are Sun Glasses by the way. Once I ink the picture, I'll put it in Gimp and color it in. Until then, bear with me!
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Uwah! That's so good! I bet it'll look great once coloured... I'm planning to colour the pics for my assignment but I just won't have the time... *sigh*
    Constructive criticism time? Make sure the legs are a similar width all the way down. :) I've had heaps of trouble with legs... when I figured out the shape they're in I was like, "OMG!" and my drawings have only improved from there. :D
    But seriously. Amazing work.


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