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Artwork update

So, I finished reading Out of the Silent Planet, awesome book, go get the e-book or something, and I decided that I would try and draw my impression of the Hross, the Cat/Otter/Beaver people that take Ransom in. They are perfectly moral and philosophical, and are very musical. They could be compared to the fishing tribes from south america, but their tools are fairly stone-aged. I realized that my fault with drawing people could be ignored if I try and draw something else, so I drew a rough sketch of how I imagined a Hross. Superb. A lot better than I thought I could do.
Click the image to get a closer look. I noticed that the design drew slight inspiration from Mewtwo, the Pokemon. The vertically exaggerated limbs are on purpose, as Malacandra has lighter gravity than earth. To them, we're stumpy and immobile! If I were to try, next I would draw a Hross for real, or try a Sorn, the Scholars of the Planet. I dunno about Pffiltriggi, yet. If you feel like you've been dwarfed by some widely known piece of media, don't. C.S.'s space Trilogy is often overlooked and not many know of it.

Minecraft is going fine. I've finally finished my House! Actually, it's been done for a few days. Did you know it's a lot easier to mine in peaceful mode? No creepers, at all.

Feedback on the picture please, and I will try to draw a picture for real next.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Wow, that actually looks really good! I'm impressed, I'd really like to see more drawings. :D


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