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Almost back to normal

So... I've been playing Sonic 2 on the emulator, the graphics aren't as pretty as 3 and (&) knuckles, but it's still fun.

I also decided to challenge the Metroid Prime and get the Mid-Ending in the Prime trilogy. I gotta tell you, once you get over the creepy intro, and the 'Final-Boss-ophobia', the battle is pretty easy, besides a few hard-hitting attacks here and there, that guy (girl?) is piece of cake. However, another problem is that it constantly changes its accent-colors, and when that happens, its weakness also changes. When it changes red, I have to use the Plasma beam, yellow, power beam, and so on, for Zelda players, imagine changing between a fire/ice/light arrow. Then I got to the final stage, where it comes outta its shell and looks more like a metroid, but that is the hard part. I have to keep switching to my X-ray visor, and even then I can't always see it. I lost. Man... I could've done better I guess. Hm.

John just got into Bob Newhart, who apparently is a really good comedian, and his sides are really splitting! I can hear him laughing up stairs. Here's an audio track of one of his acts;
Lol... I gotta get to work on some other stuff.
Sayonara for now!

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