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A loss in the family

FINALLY!!!!!! Finally, after so long, I got my/mom's computer back! But the screen's kaput, so I plugged it into a monitor and now it's like a console computer, mouse and everything.

And, dad took our really old one and got its hard drive cleaned, but the *beep*  who cleaned the computer saved the wrong folder and now our emulators, videos, and documents are gone!! But worst of all, Steve's Kirby story was DELETED. We both sobbed a little, we both worked on that story, and now more than half is gone! Let us beat our chests in sorrow and weep over the five few chapters he uploaded... no really, let's read them, here's the link

Sigh... So dad also got our old couch patched up. It used to have a stone pink/stone blue covering, but the foam got old and rotted, so he took it to a guy who pretty much made the couch anew, and now it has a handsome leather-ish brown cover. No we don't have to kill our backs by sitting on stools when we play the wii anymore! But it took up a LOT of space in the van. Though there are like three rows of three chairs, we had five removed so there would be just enough seats and so we could fit more stuff in. That couch would've never made it if we didn't do that those years ago.

Now... I'm finally reunited with my drafts, my pictures, my music, and my emulators! I'm gonna do some stuff then let Steve have it, perhaps.
Sayonara for now.

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  1. Sounds like everything worked out fine in the end. I'm gonna have to remember to check out those chapters later on when I'm on my laptop. :3 and the couch sounds snazzy. :D


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