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Village Folk

Posting has been slow because some friends from the village came over. I knew some of them. I think Long (I winged the spelling) and... that one guy, and his wife, and some others are over. It's nice to see them again.  Too bad I'm so illiterate! I wish i could talk to them! But Mom and Dad are busy, so yeah. Mom talks with the ladies, and Dad talks to the guys about planning and papers, and he brought a Thai friend from Chiang Mai over to help. So, the computer with Minecraft on it is mostly unavailable. And that reminds me. If I haven't said so before, Mom's old computer won't be fixed till we get back to a city. Bummer.

Since all my other files are stuck in an inactive computer, I'm writing a draft for something on Google Docs. It's a nice way to get your mind off of the stuff your stuck on by making something new. I might post the draft here, but that means my brothers will see it... Oh well. It's supposed to take place after the Events of Neo-Soldier, and I mean like waay after, like the first four chapters aren't even half, after. For those that remember the other story, this one will take place mostly outside Jericho, and will focus more on the outside life in the world where the Matrix dominates the open land. The draft may contain elements that I haven't established for the first part, so there might be confusion.

I only have like forty minutes till bed, so I'll leave it there.
Sayonara for now.

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  1. I'd love to read it! But I do understand not wanting siblings to see your work... I have an intelligent, storywriting sister and my work looks pathetic next to hers!
    P.s. I'm writing this on my phone... It's exciting! :)


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