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Ultra Anniversary

Yep, I'm actually posting. Computer issues. First the one I use loses it's will to cooperate with the plugs, then Dad's laptop is stuck with a virus that keeps it from booting up. Just my luck. Progress has been really slow. No updates. But I did manage to do one thing. Today, July 17th, is Ultraman's original Airdate anniversary. To celebrate, I uploaded this neato image, and scanned a bunch of stuff from our hero magazines and put them up on the wiki. Here are some examples;

Give the wiki a visit if you have the time, but it is very disorganized and pales in comparison to most other wikis.

Back to what work I can get done.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Yay! You're back! Was getting worried... :)
    It'll be great when the computers are fixed. :)


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