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I'd like to take this time to talk about my favorite Christian Band besides Relient K because I have absolutely nothing else to say.

Skillet is A Christian Rock band that was formed in 96 by John Cooper. He and some other musicians were encouraged by their pastor to try and make their own band, so after getting a deal with a record company, they released their first album, which they called 'Skillet', because they were throwing in all the different talents they had and hoped it 'Cooked'. However, after their success, they became known for the name of the Album and started touring and all that Band-y jazz. However, according to an interview with John Cooper, he still doesn't like the name.
Their popular albums include Skillet, Collide, Alien Youth, Comatose, and Awake. Perhaps their best known songs today are 'Comatose' and their songs from Awake. Awake, the album, was ranked #2 in a top 200 CD sales, selling 60,000+ in the first week. Awake contains songs like Hero and Monster, which are very well known because they were used in football marketing campaigns in 2011. My favorites include 'Hero', 'Monster', 'Comatose', 'Dead inside', and 'One day too late'.

Skillet's songs carry a strong Christian Message, but they are not obvious. That makes them very flexible because their songs can be used practically anywhere without too much points to Christianity, at the price of your parents telling you to turn it off/down until you tell them that it's a christian band (self experience).

Here's a som song to get an idea of how they are.

Skillet - Believe

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  1. See, I love rock. It just fills me with awesomeness. This music is awesome. *goes to look up more Skillet* Reccomendations, please? :)
    I love how this post ends. XD Story of our generation's life.


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