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Quick recap

So... here is a quick recap of what's going on over here. We celebrated dad's birthday on the 20th, watched the Dark Knight Rises, and the movie was rockin' awesome!! It was better than all the first films put together. But not too much to say otherwise. We were also watching Stargate, SG-1 with dad. Great show, not really vulgar or dark, but just the right blend of humor, action, and Sci-Fi to be enjoyable.

And, Since Steve would kill me if I didn't say otherwise, his story, Kirby; Dream in Nightmare land, is finally being posted! Actually, it has been posted for the past three weeks now, so there are three chapters up. Here is the link, and have a good read!

We head back to chiang mai to do my dental work on the fourth or fifth of next month, and in the following days, we're going to celebrate Sarah's Birthday! ...And Metroid's 26th anniversary. Still no news about MetroidU... hm... Oh! My Samus Figma arrived in the mail over at Chiang Mai, so once we get there, I can pick it up form Vhan And Kerry's! In the following week or more, I'll finally get my hands on it! On our way back, we'll go to Bangkok and visit Thai and Fa, our two friends, and stay for a bit. It will be fun hanging out with them, since they like Minecraft too!

Also... Steve really likes Cave Story, so he gave 500.- to dad, but that wasn't enough, cause on the shop channel, you're only allowed to put in 10, 20, or 25 in at a time, so I had to help him out and give him 200.-. In return, I get to use the leftover points for something. But what...

That's all for now! I'm going for a walk. Sayonara for now!

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  1. So much information to digest! But its great to see you back posting again. I'll check out Steve's fic as soon as possible. :D justa bit tired after the last night of production!
    Great to hear from you again! :)


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