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Ugh. Sometimes microwaved marshmallows sicken you to the bone, after a full cup of milo...
Japanese box art
So... Steve is playing Cave Story, and Luvvin' it! As for the leftover wii points... I bought Pulseman off of the V-Console. The game is imported, so it is mostly Japanese, and costed an extra dollar (100wii), but it was worth it! Despite the rather odd looking character, the game is fun, very sweet and simple. It was released on the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis in America, if it ever saw a western release), and was developed by the gaming studio Gamefreak, known for a few games that aren't exactly well known. Oh yeah, they also made Pokemon. Though they were initially third-party developers, after the success of pokemon, they became mostly nintendo related, and barely work outside of it.  

The story of Pulseman; in the year 2015 (1999 in game-text), Doctor Yoshiyama creates the first true artificial intelligence; and he calls her a C-Life. However, the lonely doctor falls in love with his creation, and beams himself into the computer world to be with her (sheesh). However, after years in cyberspace, the poor doctor is twisted and corrupted, and emerges a madman. The mad doctor creates a group of weapons and killers from the cyberworld and attacks the real world. And now, the only thing that can save the earth is his son, the half C-Life Pulseman! I know, it's a tad bit cheesy, but the game is fun, and the story is getting very interesting. The game features limited voice acting, and Japanese subtitles. Though the game is 16/32 bit, the voice actually isn't that bad, just a tad muffled. And the voices are pretty convincing, but that's Japan for you, unlike the way america treats its imported games when it comes to this, (yes, i'm pointing at you, ZX Advent!) This guy should be put in Smash Bros! Or something. They did Pit for Kid icarus, and that gave him a comeback! I think this guy deserves at least an appearance in the Smash Bros games.
Also, this game was made before Pokemon, so Pokemon carries a lot of references. Eg. Pulseman's signature; the Volteccer, which involves him turning into a ball of electricity, is carried over into Pokemon as the move Volt Tackle (still volteccer in Japan), and in Brawl, Volt tackle works almost the same way. Several monsters that appear in the game look like future pokemon, and Doc Yoshiyama looks like Charon from Pokemon Platinum, and his crew is called 'Gang Galactic'. If you've played Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, then you'll know what I'm talking about. And the pokemon, Rotom, is a near-direct reference, also of note, Charon discovered the pokemon.

In other news, John opened a bag of Mini-Marshmallows, and he read the food label, and ya know what it said? 'One at a time, for children under six, cut in pieces'. :| For real? It think this is what moms are for.

Two nights ago, we watched the movie 'Despicable me', and I must say, it is rather overrated, but it's certainly a fine movie. The graphics are nice and smooth, and nice effects, but the plot seems uninspired, though is very sweet at the end. Also, the three girls that the guy adopts, the voices don't match the body size. Faces and all sure, but there was a fifteen-year-old voice coming from what looked like a six year-old in size. I guess that's cartoons for ya.

...I guess that's it. Sayonara for now!

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