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Happy Independence Day!

Yay!! It's July fourth! Yay!! And we didn't do anything to celebrate! Yay! And it's almost bed-time! Yay. Disclaimer: extreme sarcasm beforehand.

So... me and the others thought up of a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon spoof. In mystery dungeon, a human is sent to the pokemon world and has to help out with stuff like a rescue squad or whatever. So in this thing, as my Bisharp will quote; "It's like Lozoot, but official!" I will not write the story anytime soon, at least not until I finish Neo-Soldier, and do some work on the wiki, and we all know how long that's gonna be. My draft for Phantasm is half-finished, but it's only supposed to cover like two chapter's worth. I will post it here soon. Very soon. But don't get your hopes up! My schedule is very indefinite. Things change a lot. Which is why I need my own computer!

Happy Birthday, USA!

Sayonara for now!

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  1. Loving the sound of the story :)
    Happy independence day! We did nothing to celebrate either! :D


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