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Brian Regan

Ever hear of Brian Regan? He's hysterical. And awesome. And clean. He's a stand up comedian who uses near-completely clean humor. Nothing Crude, nothing vulgar, the worst he does is saying Dam* and He**, but that's modern america for ya. Here is an excerpt from 'I walked on the moon'

The first part is a little off because you have to follow it with the first four videos, but the rest is gold. Get ready to have a heart attack, die laughing, or just stand in incomprehension. This dude is awesome.

In other news, Phantasm is going good. Unfortunately, when I went to brush last night, I foolishly left the window open on Google Docs and John read some of it (Dummkopf I am). He liked it, and started asking questions, and I must admit harboring a bit of pride explaining some of the stuff. I explained the rest of the story to him that night, and he liked it fine. That gave me a bit of a boost in writing the rest. Though the story is post-modern, the world is in such a state where things are more primitive, and that can make the story much more flexible and exciting. I'm still working on it, but John would rather have me contribute to the wiki for a bit. That one guy, Yao, is giving John trouble again. Basically, there's this character named 'Shin Asuka', so John titled the page like that, but then Yao switched it back, claiming that 'Asuka' was his first name, probably because he is better known as that, but then John said that in an episode he watched (so did I) His dad called him 'Shin'. Yao's response to that? 'In japan you're supposed to call them by their surname.' Yeah, sure, but not when it's your son! You only use the last name for superiors or people you don't know or aren't personal. Derp. (Shout-out to otakus) Am I right?

Tonight, we finish 'Return of the King' in the LotR trilogy. Awesome movies. Some of it can give inspiration to Zelda stuff, so we like it a lot, and the story's just plain awesome.

Gotta get some work done!
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Wish I could watch it... but it's quarter to one and I should be in bed asleep. Hopefully I remember to watch it tomorrow...

    It feels terrible to know that people read your stuff when you didn't intend for them to read it, but it feels nice when they like it. :)

    Also... this Yao guy sounds like a control freak.


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