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God Bless!


Black out!

Ah...  blackouts, the number one prob over here in the mountain towns. Here in Thailand there are only like three seasons; Rainy, hot, and cold (at least what they call cold). For summer time over in the west, it is very very WET over here. Rains come in on and off. And when it rains, it pours. And the worst problem about rain (besides slippery paths) is blackouts. All the rough weather causes blackouts and that messes up things over here in our dark house. Our house is made of dark wood (doesn't look much like a western house, interior wise), and therefore, while in america, you can leave the lights off for most of the day, in ours we leave them on all the time, 'cause otherwise it's pretty dank. And yesterday, right before I was about to get out of dead, we had a black out. And it lasted till near supper time. So we were all happy, we got the wii going, we started playing on the computer, having a good time-- It blacked out AGAIN! So after a few minutes, it stayed on for real. But when the power came back on, there was no internet! CAT must'v been having trouble. Since I couldn't post or work, I played alpha centauri on Dad's computer. Fun game.

Now, since this morning, the internet's back. And I have nothing else to say.

Sayonara for now!

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  1. Oh man, blackout. Not fun! I totally know how you feel...


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