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Atheist Youtube

Things went by fine today, I guess. Steve is playing Pokemon Mystery dungeon, and is lovin' it!! And John Finally beat Skyward Sword! He finally beat Demise! Woot!

Okay, listen to this. Earlier today, I setting up a youtube playlist to listen while I did my Chemistry test on the computer, but GET THIS. I made the playlist for skillet, and typed in the description 'Christian heavy metal!' And when I tried to add a song, nothing showed up. I tried again. Nothing showed. So I messed with the description and changed it to only 'Heavy metal', and then I could add songs. After a bit, I changed the description back when I wanted to add more songs, but the same thing happened again. I could only add videos after 'Christian' was removed from the description. I am not happy. It looks like Youtube set up a filter or something. And then I still couldn't listen until it was made private! I'm a christian, darn proud of it too, and they don't let me use the word for something little like a playlist?! The culture is becoming more and more atheist. In one of our school books, 'If Jesus had never been born', it talks about how Jesus changed the culture all around the world, and things like life became more valued, and stuff like that. Basically it talks about all the things Jesus did for the world besides dying for our sins. It also agrees with my belief; Cultures need a normal restraint, religion is the primary idea of this. If there is no religion, then there is no higher power, and there for no Moral. If this world had no creator or father and everything just came up by chance, then nothing matters and we can do whatever we want and nobody can stop us. WRONG! Completely wrong! The only reason why people turn away from religion is because the scientists think doing so puts them in league with fairy tale believers, but most importantly because religions demand that man admits that he's wrong about things and always will be, and he hates it. If you're not wrong, then you can do whatever you like, and that's just what he wants. And things are getting worse. America, which is like the christian stronghold of the world, is becoming atheist. They wanna make it a crime to call it a Christmas Tree because it has the 'four-letter word' Christ in the name. This stuff irritates me to the core! Some people mentioned once that they were christian or believed in intelligent design, and were kicked off of their jobs and black-listed. America isn't half the great place it used to be, especially with Obama still in office.

...Man. Ranted again. God, please help this nation. Please help the people that are hurt because of this problem. Though religion may help the economy, you are the only help we need to get past the world and come live with you. We don't need religion, we need a friendship with you. Amen.

Yes, I prayed on a public blog. Sue me.

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  1. Damn right! Pray on a public blog, let the people know! What's the worst they can do, caps lock you to death? Be who you want, do what you like. Your true friends will support you doing whatever you feel is right.
    Also, someone needs to complain to YouTube... That's not right.


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