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Wi-Fi rocks!!

Today, not much happened. Except we were able to coordinate a Wi-Fi match with somebody, but Judging by the style of the party's post, the guest shall remain anonymous. I am looking forward to another such event.

John's been doing most of the minecraft today, and he's just began mining. His home is on a floating piece of land, thanks to a programming error, so he set up his house there, and goes down to the world for supplies. Neato. That's crafty John for you, as the party should know ;).

Dad might be able to let us watch Madagascar 3. Third movies tend to pale in comparison to the others, but this one looks like it has potential, and lots of gags!!

That's it! Sayonara for now!

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  1. Haha, I don't mind if you tell people about the brawling! I just figured that since you were basically the only one who reads my blog (at least the only one that comments!) that I didn't have to repeat it... just me being a little bit weird. :D
    Now I know a little more about all of you, and I agree, that's what I imagine John to be like!
    If Madagascar 3 is good, do tell. I kinda wanna watch it, but a lot of my friends said it wasn't even good enough for a second movie... I'd like to see it if it's good! :)


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