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Toshiba, we have a problem...

So... the computer I've been using, which used to be Mom's old one, the one that's so slow, that not too many people are compelled to actually use it, except me, is kaput. The Ac input it uses is soooo messed up and loose, even if I plug the cord all the way, it won't turn on, or get it's lights lit up. Dad's gonna take it to a computer guy sometime and get that secured. And the worst of the news is... It had all my emulators, games, and more importantly, DOCUMENTS on it. Lozoot was on there!! We were trying to get the chapter done!! Neo-Soldier was on there! And I was just ready to type after a brainstorm!! And some other projects are stuck on there, and now I have no easy way to edit the Ultraman Wiki. The computer is like a 2002 Toshiba satellite, so I can imagine the dying computer thinking to itself 'Toshiba? we have a problem...!' (Get it? Satellite?). All my plans are Kaput until that's computer done with! It's not even a computer anymore, it's a Kaputer! SHEESH!

Also in Minecraft; I decided to build myself a tree house in the jungle so I could have more of an adventure and not have to worry about creepers leaving gaping craters in the ground 'cause they know I'm nearby. So, I found a nice big tall solid tree, and began importing supplies and all that, but while I was remodeling, I removed my bed, so then after I got some work done, I fell off. I died, and respawned in the middle of a desert! I felt lost and dead. Minecraft worlds are Infinite. I could be anywhere. So I walked, and walked, and swam, and then I saw my tree house!! I ran over, did my stuff, ran back to to my old house, got some stuff in, blablablabla I didn't die! Whoopie!! ...SHOOT! I just remembered my Minecraft Journal was on the KAPUT computer!! ARGH!!

Also, I found an alternative to get a rayman game goin'; Atari. Ray man was released on all major platforms at the time, excluding nintendo (grrr). So I downloaded an Atari Jaguar emulator (that used cartridges thankfully) got meself a Rayman atari rom, worked everything out, and IT WORKED! But no sound. At all. Or if I turn the sound on, the framerate drops to the point where the sound is warped. Sometimes I HATE EMULATION!! On the other hand, I did beat the first Sonic game for the Sega Genesis. Fun stuff... And I got all the Chaos Emeralds; thanks to the magic of save-states! Imma cheater.

Mom made a carrot cake and put the Batman symbol on it and we had a belated birthday cake feast. Mom's cakes are DELICIOUS but so filling... Cream Cheese... mmm... But so much of it at once... My stomach can't take it.
Gonna go get something to drink or something... Sigh.

Sayonara for now!

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  1. Oh noo!! Not the computer!! My laptop's G key top came off, so we're both in the same boat... a bit...
    I've never used an emulator in my life, so I have no idea what you're talking about there. But I hope it all fixes up.
    Good to hear your minecraftin' expertise is continuing to surpass mine. Now you need to learn about sticky pistons... I never understood the circuitry side of minecraft...


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