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Too much... Chocolate...

So... today was friday, so we assumed we'd be getting the 'til midnight treatment, but since we had three days off at the Betts, we need to work on the weekends, so we did extra, but mom still says no, and we got till 11:30. Man... and I had already started gorging... Two pieces of bread, raspberry smuckers jam on both of them, two pieces of bread, nutella on each of them, and a cup of steamin' hot Milo, with two marshmallows. And now my stomach hates me. Typical. I also downloaded the Best of Crush 40 unto my Mp4. Their songs rock. Deal with it. :D

Anyway, John's replaying TP, and as things went on, we started Joking and brainstorming about LozTP, and they're hysterical!! Three teen Links, messing with the world of Twilight Hyrule, and Midna, it'll be gold!

Gotta go brush!
Sayonara for now!!

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  1. LOZTP sounds Epic. End of story. :)
    So we both got indigestion last night?


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