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Sonic CD

So... I decided to try out a sega emulator. I got the KFusion, hoping to play a rayman game, but then I figured out that I need a Sega Saturn emulator to play rayman, but I stuck with it so I could play some Sonic games. Then i though about doing Sonic CD, but unless I had an actual disk, or an ISO, I couldn't play it. So I downloaded an Iso, but there was no music. Then, after trial and error, I downloaded another ISo, and this time, it had music, and I was able to play it. This game was Metal Sonic, and Amy's debut, but sadly the game wasn't as interesting as I hoped. Anyway...

Now I'm trying another Rayman Download. Not much else to say besides saying I might try out dolphin, or something, just for kicks.

Sayonara for now!

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